What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the primary data system (repository) that most Real Estate Agents use to market and sell property. This is the main tool realtors use to buy and sell homes. The MLS will put your home in front of thousands of buyer agents with serious buyers. All participating agents belong to their local Association of Realtors. According to the National Association of Realtors, almost 80% of all U.S. homes are sold through the MLS.

What is is a division of Dalton Real Estate. Dalton Real Estate was founded in 1987 as the First and only Full Service Flat Fee Brokerage. We are flattered that so many other Brokerages have followed our business model and are now assisting buyers with Commission Credits/Rebates.

How much can I get back at close of escrow??

The amount we can credit you depends on the sale price and the selling office commission (SOC) offered in the MLS. Most of the time it is 2.5% but if it is more then 2.5% then that means more money back to you.

How much do you get paid??

We only take a Flat Fee out of the selling office commission and you get the rest. The Flat Fees we charge depend on the sale price and the selling office commission offered in the MLS

How do I know I will get the money??

We have you sign a Buyer Representation Agreement before we write the offer and it will clearly state the amount of credit you will receive.

Can I receive the entire amount of credit at close of escrow??

Yes. If you want the entire credit in the form of a cashiers check at close of escrow we simply inform the escrow officer. This is also contingent upon your lenders approval.

How do you get the sale price reduced??

We simply tell the seller and listing agent in escrow.

Why would a seller reduce their sale price??

Since the seller is only paying us a Flat Fee for commission on the sale side he/she can reduce the sale price by the amount of your credit.

What if I already saw the house with another agent??

You may have to use that agent unless you have a signed agreement with them.

Can I Change the Property I want to get a Commission Credit on??

Of course, we simply draft up a new Buyer Representation Agreement with the new property address.


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Why Do You Need A Realtor To Represent you when Buying a property?

Only a licensed real estate broker who belongs to the MLS and pays the MLS dues and fees is entitled to a commission. When you purchase through us you will be using a licensed broker who with almost 30 years experience.

If you purchase a property with an agent who works for a broker you will NOT be able to receive as much of a credit as they will have to split their commission with their broker. At you deal DIRECT with the Broker and there is no commission to split. You in turn receive a higher Commission Credit / Rebate.


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